Animation Character Design That Stand Out for Many Purpose

There several function of animation character design. on social media and blog graphic, or another, you can see a variety of animated graphics. But, creating compelling and clean animation on your own can be challenging and time consuming.

An animation can be expensive if you hire a professional. You will find cost in general between USD 3,000 until 5,000 for 2D animations. And the cost is starting from USD 10,000 until 200,000 for 3D animations.

But, you do not need to jump into panic mode. You have to know first the function of animated graphics. After you get knowledge about it, you can try to make it and keep practicing so that you can be the animation graphic’s expert.

Animation Character Design That Stand Out for Many Purpose
Animation Character Design That Stand Out for Many Purpose

The Functions of Animation Character Design

  1. Animated graphics tell stories

Animated illustrations are the digital version, modern, of gathering a group of people. It can tell stories Simply, for connecting with your audience, animation is a brilliant choice by telling them narrative that is relevant with your animation.

  1. Animated graphics hold attention

When we look at an animated graphic, we will watch until all of the animated elements appeared. The animation is awesome. It spark your interest. A static, plain graphic could never do this. On a whole new level, that is engagement.

  1. Animation simplifies concepts

At explaining concepts, animated graphics are wonderful. For example an animation about recycling bins. The graphic visualizing also show the interesting process of different items that are placed into three bins, it not just showing recycling bins.

  1. Persuade your viewer to take action

An animation can encourage people, for example making a purchase. It can take the step you want them to do. In a scientific duel between verbal plus visual and verbal presentation, more than half of the audience are attracted by the latter.

Animation Character Design That Stand Out for Many Purpose
Animation Character Design That Stand Out for Many Purpose

Create Stand out Animation Character Design for Marketing Purpose

  1. Keep in mind the pre-design principle

When creating animated graphics, you will need to be your most creative. You need to focus on the details. Just containing your design with what is needed, nothing extra. This helps removes unnecessary elements and put the focus on finer details from your graphics.

  1. Animate your data

Load data graphs and charts and animate them because data does not have to be boring. You can also animate reports such as your annual growth report. Do not forget check out design rule for infographics, every marketer should know about this.

  1. Use character animations and animated illustrations

If you are brand mascot, this is particularly helpful. To further your storytelling game, this is a wonderful way. To explain your point, you can also create animated illustrations. For instance, you can use them in blog featured images or blog posts.

To create an animated graphics, just do it yourself. It is not rocket science and you do not need to outscore it definitely. You can animate away and use it for certain purpose in your life.

Do not be hesitate because anything. You can learn from hero to zero and make a stunning and cool animated graphic. always understanding about Animation Character Design so that you can get benefits of it.