Best Color Combinations for Instagram Feed Recommended by Professional

The color combinations for Instagram feed are extremely important to know and try. It can make your pictures there look more interesting than before. It will be beneficial if that account is used to promote your business and also introducing the new brands.

Color is one of the most striking design elements that attract the attention of the viewer. It can set the mood for the design itself. No exception in presentation design and social media graphics. Even so, it is not easy to determine an attractive contrast combination.

Finding a suitable one for the theme of the presentation to be presented is tricky. Even more so for social media accounts that many people will see. For that, pay attention to the following color combinations for Instagram below which can be beneficial.

Best Color Combinations for Instagram Feed Recommended by Professional
Best Color Combinations for Instagram Feed Recommended by Professional

Navy and Mints

For graphic designers, the Navy and Mint options are considered as the safe things to match. You can try to use these and your feed will be looked so interesting quickly. This amazing combination creates a reliable and trustworthy impression.

Even though it looks calm, you can use this great combination for a formal presentation. It means that these designs can be also used for an elegant product that you want to share. The examples are like a flower bouquet, fine dining foods, and more.

However, it must be combined with the selection of fonts, images, and other visual elements. Make sure that everything is in the right proportion. Usually, the name of a product or brand must be designed bigger than other words in the same picture.

Best Color Combinations for Instagram Feed Recommended by Professional
Best Color Combinations for Instagram Feed Recommended by Professional

Mustard and Beige

The next recommended color combinations for Instagram are mustard and beige. This option is really interesting and unique. It looks really cool and can enhance your feed easily. This combination gives the classy nuance and it is not boring at all.

You know that sometimes Mustard and Beige are considered as boring options. That is why; people will refuse to choose it. However, it can be different in the graphic design industry. When there are combined, they become really attractive to look at.

Besides that, they are even predicted to be popular in 2020. The bold mustard color becomes more neutral when combined with light beige. This option is suitable for any kind of product whether for young people or adults. You should try it.

Black and Bright Lime

The black color combinations for Instagram feed is always loved by people in this world. You know that a black is a neutral option that can be combined with other designs. Neutral looks are something that never dies. It is also a safe option.

Even though the times have changed, this decision has never gone out of style. The example is black. This contrast is one that is predicted to be popular in 2020 when combined with bright and a bold lime option. What a unique idea.

You can use this unique combination to show a professional and formal impression. That is why; this design may not suitable for the kinds of cheerful products. The key is matching these color combinations for Instagram properly with your product or photo.