Creating Animated Characters Guide for Beginner and Advanced

A technical skill is the most working in Creating Animated Characters, an individual flair and consistency. Your creativity is tested in making character creation which is such as most challenging tests throughout the entire process.

Not only drawing memorable characters, this is much more because in motion, they look great too. Let’s think about some well-known and famous recognized character ever signed like Betty Boop, the Mickey Mouse, the Fred Flintstone, Woody and Buzz, and many more.

Behind their conception, their simplicity use the complex and lengthy process. Before the version we recognise today, through many permutations, simple effective character have gone. They are like Tony the Tiger and the Michelin Man. Here a simple decent tips about creating characters.

Creating Animated Characters Guide for Beginner and Advanced
Creating Animated Characters Guide for Beginner and Advanced

Creating Animated Characters for Beginner

  1. At first, stick to human characters.

The whole process of your animation production will be much easier if you stick to a humanoid character, especially if you are intend to learn. as a reference , you can use yourself because you are what else human is.

You can just record or look yourself in a mirror, it is no wonder to create humans more naturally. Character of human can make animating action and expressing motion much easier. So, just try this to get started with your first drawing character.

  1. Make Interest look by using unique characters.

Try to experiment with their body type, height, their skin tone, their limbs’ length, scars, posture, and weight, you can create something unique. Beyond this, switching up the positions is also possible, and shape of their eyes, mouth, ears, and nose.

  1. Replace the medium is recommended.

Try to use harmony or blender and create the character digitally if you have been sketching. Medium that change sometimes can give an inspiration. It also help to discover issues in your sketch which you had not spotted.

  1. Keep your design clean.

Like artists, finding a unique style need a hard struggle for animators. By creating your characters with clearly readable features and clean lines, you can make thing easy. If you want to convey you character by using 10 strokes, consider simplifying them.

Creating Animated Characters Guide for Beginner and Advanced
Creating Animated Characters Guide for Beginner and Advanced

Creating Animated Characters for Intermediate or Advanced

  1. Not just use their face to show your characters expression.

If you have exaggerated the mouth or eyes on your characters face emotion, to show emotion, that is great. But, displays of emotion need more support, some best use other aspect in designing their character. By exaggerating their features to display, it will be fun to animate your character.

  1. As inspiration, use the personality.

The finer elements should be informed in your character design by the main traits of the character. the characters traits is use to determine the body shape. Decide whether they are sly even or reserved, they will be suitable with agile frame.

  1. Keep in mind the colour design.

Considering about recognisability and simplicity, using no more than 3 base colours and managing it properly is recommended. Again, before picking colour, think about the motivations and personality of your character. For example, to express innocence you can use yellow, white, and pinks.

You can apply drawing character for many purposes such as creating character for a company brand. But, you must learn many aspects about how to make unique and good character so that Creating Animated Characters can tell many things for those who are see it.