Presentation Design guide To Make a Qualified Presentation

Presentation design guide is important. We have all sat through those hot mess and long-winded speeches PowerPoint. The point completely undermined because of this these thing. So, you should be able to know about the good strategy to make it.

You can compare a good presentation from a poor one. The images you show can greatly detract or add from your message while your speech may be perfect whether you use PowerPoint, Visage, good old PDFs, or Keynote.

You need to consider many aspect to make it perfect. But, you do not need to be worry because these tips will help you to create the stunning and well-designed presentation. So, through your presentation, you can tell your purpose effectively and clearly.

Presentation Design guide To Make a Qualified Presentation
Presentation Design guide To Make a Qualified Presentation

Fonts, Text, and Background

  1. Size fonts appropriately.

When you design on a laptop can result different size. Keep in mind about presentation design guide that the text should be larger enough when sizing your fonts, so that the person in the back of the room can read it.

  1. Use sans serif fonts.

Go for legibility over fun with typography. For a slide title you can use a creative font and avoid to using it for body text. Instead, stick to clean, Helvetica as one of traditional typefaces. Make the text bold readability if you are using a dark background.

  1. Between text and background, maintain a strong contrast.

Between your background and your text, you need a high level of contrast in order for your message the pop. Portion of your text may not be legible if you use a lot of variation for the background images feature.

  1. Do not use more than 6 lines text.

The purpose of your explanation will completely undermined by packing too much information into a slide. Remember this important thing that everything you say often be processes by the audience while they view the slide.

Presentation Design guide To Make a Qualified Presentation
Presentation Design guide To Make a Qualified Presentation

Another Important Presentation Design Guide

  1. Use contrasting text colours and single image to draw attention.

It is like italic and bold, but better. To emphasized important point in your text, you can use a single color. But, make sure that you are not overdo it. Your explanation will look more visual by using images. But, do not carry away with too many.

  1. Skip the stock template.

You will get the death by using themes included in your software. They are boring, overused, and usually pretty ugly. By building and starting with a clean design, you can create cleaner and good presentation.

  1. Use no more than 5 colours.

Your entire design look can be enhanced easily by a harmonious bola gelinding palette. No need for complex texture or gradient here, with just the right colour, you can get excellent result. Use a site like COLOURLovers or a tool like Adobe’s Kuler to choose a good selection.

  1. Freeze the transition.

In today’s software, there are plenty of clever transitions built. But, several transitions can distract the quality of its performance. Make sure you are always using design presentation design guide no matter what your explanation content.